Pre-Registration timeline – Spring 2018

  1. To provide your personal details :
  2. Login to the VWPP Administrative portal at
  3. Click on “General info” Tab at the top
  4. Provide all information requested (Note: you can fill in “French Mobile number” once in France).
  5. Save changes


  1. To fill out the housing questionnaire:
  2. login to the VWPP Administrative portal
  3. After filling out the “General info” (see above), choose the “Housing” tab at the top
  4. Follow directions and accept terms and conditions of the VWPP Housing Charter.
  5. Fill in your responses
  6. Click on submit.

October 31: Deadline for all accepted students to submit responses to General information and Housing questionnaire online (see how to above).

Nov. 7 (8:30-11 am EST) : Housing Skype appointments with Lisa Fleury for Vassar Students (please check with Susan Stephens to make sure you sign up for an appropriate time-slot).

November 9 (8:30-11 am EST): Housing Skype appointments with Lisa Fleury for Wesleyan Students (please check with Zehra Abbas to make sure you sign up for an appropriate time-slot).

November 14 (9 am – 11 am EST) : Housing Skype appointments with Lisa Fleury for students from other institutions than VC or WU.  Please email Lisa Fleury to set up a Skype appointment.

November 14 : Housing questionnaire is closed for changes. (Any changes after this date sent to may not be guaranteed and are subject to availability.)


  1. Indicate your French university preference

October 21: You will receive a message from the VWPP director with a request for University choices. Students are requested to consult French University Web sites to familiarize themselves with UFR’s, departments, “parcours”, etc. Guidelines are outlined on VWPP’s French Web site.

October 31st : Student Deadline to complete university request.

To indicate your university preferences:

  1. Login to the VWPP Administrative portal at
  2. Choose the “Univ. Reg”. tab at the top
  3. Click on Edit
  4. provide your choices and be sure to justify your 1st and 2nd choice in the textbox.
  5. Click on submit.

November 5 : University assignment communicated to students along with request for information to pre-register at assigned university (on VWPP Administrative portal under Univ. Reg. tab).


  1. Complete University pre-registration form

November 9 : Deadline to complete University pre-registration form (on VWPP Administrative portal).

At this point, you are advised to read through more carefully the brochures of UFR’s in which they are interested in order to pick out possible courses you want to take (remember only S4 and S6 are available for spring semester). Make sure to consult with the appropriate department in your home institution to make sure that the courses you are interested in will count toward you major (if you so wish). Make a list of potential courses of interest offered at your assigned university.

Note to students: all final decisions regarding course choice will be made in Paris.


  1. Indicate your VWPP seminar preferences

November 28 : VWPP seminar descriptions for Spring 2018 will be available online on our French Website.

You will be able to preregister for VWPP seminars only AFTER the Paris office receives all information for French University pre-registration.

All students are required to give first and second choices for both a Writing intensive course and a seminar (so 4 courses choices in all). To indicate your preferences:

  1. Login to the VWPP Administrative portal at
  2. Choose the “Course Reg.” tab at the top
  3. Choose two Writing Intensive courses and two seminars from the drop down menus.
  4. Click on submit.

December 9 : Deadline for completion of VWPP course pre-registration.

VWPP Course assignments will be communicated to students upon arrival in Paris in Spring 2018.