Spring 2024: Pre-Registration Timeline

October 1Deadline to submit your application at the Study Abroad Office at Wesleyan
October 6University selection meeting for VWPP candidates with Anne Brancky, resident director of VWPP.
9am ET. 
Zoom link here.
October 12Deadline to submit your General Information
To provide your general information : 
1.    Login to the VWPP Administrative portal
2.    Click on “General info” Tab at the top
3.    Provide all information requested (you can wait to fill in “French mobile number” until you are in France).
4.    Upload your photo (« Documents » section). This is mandatory. You must have uploaded a passport-sized ID photo with a light-colored background (.JPEG) to the VWPP database in the documents tab in order to be registered at a Parisian university. 
5.    Upload your Passport (.PDF only)
6.    Save changes


Deadline to complete your university request**. Anyone who does not meet this deadline will be placed in a university at the program’s discretion. 
To indicate your preferences :
1.    Login to the VWPP Administrative portal
2.    Choose the Univ. Reg. tab at the top
3.    Click on Edit
4.    Provide your choices and justify your first and second choices in the textbox.
5.    Click on submit.
**Supplementary materials may be required depending on which university you choose. 
October 27General pre-departure meeting with Anne Brancky, resident director of VWPP. 
At 9am ET.  
Zoom link here.
November 6Housing pre-departure meeting with Hannah Gersten, assistant director of VWPP. Please review the VWPP’s housing webpage in advance of the meeting.
Nov. 6 at 9 am OR 12pm ET.
Zoom link here.

November 10
Deadline to fill out the housing questionnaire. 
Please read the housing webpage before you fill out your housing questionnaire. (You must fill out the housing questionnaire BEFORE  your housing interview can take place):
1.    Login to the VWPP Administrative portal
2.    After filling out the “General info” (see above), choose the “Housing” tab at the top
3.    Follow directions and accept terms and conditions of the VWPP Housing Charter.
4.    Fill in your responses
5.    Click on submit.
Between November 13 and 22, 9 am-1 pm ETZoom appointments with Hannah Gersten to discuss housing. Please sign up for an interview on the Sign-up sheet
Nov. 13-14 and 20-22, between 9am and 1 pm ET. 
Zoom link here.
November 22Housing questionnaire is closed for changes. Requests sent to Hannah Gersten after this date are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

November 24
You will be sent your university assignment. At this point, you are advised to read more carefully through the brochures of UFR’s in which you are interested and make a list of potential courses of interest offered at your assigned university.
Remember that only fourth [S4] and sixth semester [S6] courses are offered in the spring semester. You will then meet with one of your professors in FFS/French Section to make an initial selection of your university courses. Please also consult with the appropriate department at your home institution to make sure that any courses you would like to count towards a particular major will be accepted by that major. All final decisions regarding course choices will be made in Paris.

Beginning on December 4
You will receive a message from the VWPP program coordinator (Sophie Kolesnikov) requesting that you indicate which extracurricular activities you would like to enroll in while in Paris. You should consult various websites to identify a couple of extracurricular activities based in Paris and include them in your email.
December 4Descriptions of the writing intensive courses and seminars offered at Reid Hall will be available.
December 8Logistics Orientation for Paris with Anne Brancky and Sophie Kolesnikov. Dec. 8 at 9am ET. Zoom link here.

December 11
Deadline for pre-registering for Reid Hall courses. Your course assignments will be communicated to you when you arrive in Paris. You must indicate your first, second, and third choice for both a writing intensive course and a seminar.
To indicate your preferences :
1.    Login to the VWPP Administrative portal
2.    Choose the « Course Reg. » tab at the top
3.    Indicate your preferences for each writing intensive and seminar
4.    Click on submit.
December 151. If you are not on the group flight, you must send your travel itinerary to info@vwpp.org by this date!
2. You should subscribe to a Pass Navigo to get around Paris when you arrive. Please read the pre-arrival document here
3. Deadline for uploading your French visa into the VWPP database (log into the VWPP Administrative portal).
4. You should open your Wise account for cultural reimbursements. Please read the pre-arrival document here