Internships & Volunteering

All VWPP students may undertake a not-for-credit internship or field work experience (click here) in addition to their academic courses.

These two month “stages” are arranged by the VWPP to offer students the opportunity to learn more about contemporary France in the field and meet Parisians.  Recent “stages” include: volunteer student teaching with local schools  (volunteers as English-language teaching assistants in Parisian nursery, primary and secondary schools, or a French business school, working with teachers and conducting small conversation groups, providing students the opportunity to learn first hand about the French school system and to meet young French people and their teachers), volunteering through the Centre du Bénévolat de Paris (meeting with the aged in French hospitals, after-school tutoring in community centers, a variety of tasks with other non-profit or humanitarian organizations), interning at a dance school, publishing house, an art gallery, a business analyst and consultant, a wine shop, a cheese shop, and a photographic archive.

We encourage students to follow up on personal contacts in Paris. A list of current opportunities will be provided during the Paris orientation session dedicated to this topic, and further information can be consulted on our French website. Students apply for these internships, which last for approximately 8-10 weeks, by the second week of classes.

S. une galerie, Café Le Select – Spring 2019

2016-10-15 16.29.19

Maison de Balzac – Fall 2016