Internships & Volunteering

All VWPP students may undertake a not-for-credit internship or field work experience (click here) in addition to their academic courses.  In French these are called “stages”.

50%-95% of VWPP students every semester seize the opportunity to observe and take on tasks as an intern with the local population.

Where do students do their stages?

In an art gallery or foundation, a Parisian museum, a non-profit organization in human rights or the environment, a lab intern, as  a teaching assistant in a school, or a volunteer working with newly arrived populations in Paris, for instance.  Students experience new Parisian neighbourhoods and venues in their internship placements.

Why do a “stage”? VWPP students who intern in Paris gain pre-professional experience in an international city without having to worry about finances.

As a student on the Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Paris, your total Parisian living expenses (room and board, local transportation, program excursions and visits, and a co-curricular stipend) are included in your tuition.  This unique opportunity to take an unpaid internship while having their living expenses subsidized by the VWPP relieves our students from the financial burden an internship in a major city can represent, or taking time out from a summer job to intern.

Aquire language and global competencies and soft skills: VWPP internships also help students acquire the soft skills needed for their careers: they they gain the language, listening, communication, interpersonal, and critical thinking skills employers say they are looking for in young college graduates. Our students intern with adults and children from all walks of life and backgrounds.  They acquire global competencies that enhance their employability.

You can explore a career path:

Think you might want to teach someday?  Come back to France or go to another country to work after graduation? Explore your field of study in the workplace? Discover the daily life of French schoolchildren and their teachers? Observe how a scientific laboratory undertakes their research? Interact with artists and a gallery in a world renowned café? All our interns experience a possible career path as they take part in the local populations’ lives going about their work in their “stages”.

 A list of current opportunities will be provided during the Paris orientation session dedicated to this topic. We encourage students to follow up on personal contacts in Paris as well. Further information can be consulted on our French website. Students apply for these internships by the second week of classes, which last for approximately 8-10 weeks, undertaken concurrently with their four academic courses, spending between 2 and 15 hours per week in the field.


S. une galerie, Café Le Select – Spring 2019

2016-10-15 16.29.19

Maison de Balzac – Fall 2016