Health Insurance

All students must be covered by health insurance while they are abroad.

Ego C Twist Features:
-Variable Voltage Output: Voltage can be adjusted from 3.2V~4.8V with 0.2V increments.
-510 Threading: Compatible with all of our eGo Series atomizers and clearomizers.
-Changeable coil head,bottom coil design, heating form bottom.
-The battery’s button has a 5-click On/Off lock the same as other eGo batteries.
-LED power indicator: Blue led ring indicates full power, red led ring blink indicates a charge is need.
– Variable voltage:3.2V-4.8V
– No burnt taste
– Elegant appearance

All Vassar students and as well as accepted students from other institutions are automatically billed for  health insurance. Vassar’s health insurance policy includes coverage for medical, political strife, and natural disaster evacuation. Students may waive the Vassar coverage but must provide proof of an equivalent policy. Students who choose to be covered under their own insurance will be billed separately for evacuation insurance.

Wesleyan students who are not covered by Wesleyan student health insurance will be provided with Wesleyan’s study abroad health insurance. Students who carry Wesleyan student health insurance when they are on campus in Connecticut should not cancel or waive the insurance while they are in Paris, as it provides coverage for students both abroad and in the U.S.